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We are an independent research company. We continually read all the OEM service manuals, check all the vehicle Technical Service Bulletins, and review all the repair procedures surrounding restraint systems as outlined by the manufacturers. We've installed thousands of airbags ourselves and collaborated with other technicians from around the country.
We've taken all of this information and compiled it into a photographic database providing you with concise and uniform airbag replacement information, presented like no other service provider. An inexpensive subscription gives you access to all of these pictures and information. Subscribe now!

With an easy, immediate online subscription, AirbagSolutions will show you everything you need to know for REPLACING AND SERVICING AIRBAG SYSTEMS properly.

Drivers Airbag Seat Belt Pretensioners Clockspring Control Unit

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We do not sell parts or reset modules. We do show you exactly what you need to service airbag systems correctly for thousands of vehicles!
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Airbag Replacement Solutions

Eliminate the frustration of hard-to-find airbag service information! has compiled airbag system repair information directly from the OEMs into an easy pictorial format.


  • What Airbag System Parts you Need
  • The Airbag Factory Requirements
  • How to Access Components
  • Where to Look for Hidden Damages


  • Where the Components are Located
  • What Flash Codes Mean
  • Which Scanner Works Best
  • What Resouces are available


Body and Repair Shops

  • Quickly identify
    necessary components
  • Write acurate estimates
  • Complete jobs on time
  • Run your shop smoothly
  • Satisfy your customers

Insurance Estimators

  • Understand airbag systems better
  • Reduce supplements
  • Maximize appraiser time
  • Reduce rental car costs
  • Save the company money

Students and Instructors

  • Expand your class curriculum
  • Learn to service Airbag systems
  • Shorter term subscriptions
  • Discounted subscriptions